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Preparing for an interview can be a process filled with mixed emotions: nervousness, anxiety, and excitement. And, as an Introvert, here are a few strategies to better channel your gifts and bring our your best self.

Time to recharge before the interview. As an introvert, with each interaction, it can drain your energy. Therefore, it is important to carve out time before and after interviews to recharge yourself and prepare. For instance, it might not be a good idea to schedule a lunch with a group of friends before a scheduled interview.

Display interest with nonverbals. Introverts process a lot of information in our heads, and therefore on the outside we may appear aloof or uninterested. Therefore, especially during an interview, it is important to really display our interest in the job position in our words and nonverbal behaviors. That is, do not overlook the power of a warm smile.

Use small talk to build rapport. A big part of interview success is being able to build a strong rapport with the interviewer, in the small amount of time you have together. Therefore, to do so, an Introvert has to push beyond their reluctance to engage in small talk that many they find meaningless and take every opportunity you have to engage the interviewer from the initial “hello” to the walk from the lobby to the meeting room.

Don’t hesitate to share your accomplishments. As Introverts, we are not natural self-promoters. And we need to go against our natural inclination and verbally outline our strengths, skills, and accomplishments; that is, why we are fit for the job.